Our Secret Garden Philosophy

We're all about growing extraordinary, fresh seasonal produce and beautiful edible flowers.

To produce the freshest, healthiest products, we're committed to......

Health: Healthy soil grows healthy plants. We keep our soil healthy using compost, coffee grinds, compost tea, pea-straw and green manure. We favour natural seaweed extract spray, fish extract and neem tree oil to keep our plants healthy, plus pest and disease free. We have extended our growing methods to include hydroponics for certain plant varieties.

Beauty: We love fresh seasonal food - growing it...cooking it....eating it (especially eating it!). It gives us huge satisfaction to grow the raw ingredients of a gourmet meal, and when we spot our products on a TV programme, in a magazine, cookbook or on a restaurant website, we get very excited.

Rarity: We enjoy the thrill of hunting down rare or unusual edible plants and thrive on the challenge of growing the more demanding varieties.

Flawlessness: Only the best will do for our customers! So we strive to provide flawless, fresh products every time.